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Drag & Drop Codeless Environment

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Wizard Lab’s codeless strategy builder allows you to visually create, modify, back test, scan and deploy rules or strategies fully automated or as a real-time scanner in TradeOptics for manual trading.

Create Rules with a drag and drop environment

Creating automated trading rules has never been easier with drag and drop nodes that allow you to use technical studies, chart patterns, fundamentals, math, logical operators and other chart trading references. Trading rules can be simple to nested and complex.

In Rule Builder the user creates a rule or rules that contain criteria which is used to produce a true or false signal. The WizTools menu provides hundreds of essential nodes that consists of studies, parameters, logical operators, adapters and others that give the user the ability to build trade ideas easily by dragging them onto the canvas and then connecting them together

Combine rules and define your trade orders for both entry and exits

In Strategy Builder, the user creates a strategy by selecting one or more rules created within Rule Builder, and adding the desired order criteria for entry and exit management. The user must specify entry criteria for the automated system to create orders, but a strategy exit is optional. The user may decide to simply use drawdown and profit target risk settings as their exit criteria. Once a strategy is created, it can be deployed to Auto Trading for actual trading/positions or to Trade Optics which would create signals that the user then uses for manual trading.

Run the strategy in back test to provide a historic view

Our Back Test feature within Wizard Lab allows the user to test the performance of a strategy against historical data and then analyze the results in great detail so that adjustments can be made to optimize the strategy if necessary. The detailed position information is listed in the Results table which contains 14 columns, each displaying important data on the back tested strategy.

Deploy the strategy into paperTrading or into a live account

Within the Deploy Strategy tab, the user may deploy their strategy to either Auto Trading or Trade Optics. Selecting one of those options, will take you to the strategy deploy screen where the user would select the symbol set for their strategy.

No scripting or programming knowledge required.

Easy to Use Strategy Builder Technology

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