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Advanced Chart Management


Visualize more with charts

Advance charting including the ability to trade from your chart. Pull from 200 + technical studies, including your basic support, resistance, candlestick or renko charts. Plus support your more advanced trading strategies with Fibonacci and other drawling tools.

Back Test

Verify Your Trading Ideas

Wizard Lab - high performance backtesting engine allows you to simulate your automated trading strategies on historical data and analyze their past performance.

Options Analysis

Forecast with more confidence.

Analyze your options risk/reward chart of potential profit and loss based on "what if" scenarios so you can craft your options strategy with confidence. Options can be a useful tool, especially in volatile markets, allowing for greater leverage and the ability to hedge your positions and potentially generate additional income.

Pairs Analysis

Our Advanced Charting allows you to create pairs charts and analyze in real-time with technical studies

Pairs Trading - A process for implementing a market neutral strategy to provide up-to-the-minute equity trading recommendations of two or more equities, ETF’s or options. The idea behind pair trading is that two stocks that have shown a high correlation in the past are expected to continue to do so in the near future.

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Looking for GREAT Charts? You’ll enjoy ChartTraderPro offering over 200 customizable indicators. Change chart styles, add alerts, select customizable timeframes and more. Active traders can monitor their positions, initiate and close trades, move their existing orders to new price levels or close them by simply pointing, clicking, and dragging to a new price level on any chart. With robust and reliable real-time and historical data, and a wealth of customizable features, ChartTraderPro is the solution for even the most demanding of traders.