Advanced Trade Management

Eliminate emotions and errors by managing trades from one screen. View and manage your positions directly from your portfolio window. Simply done...

Prodigio is always FREE to use for advanced charting, backtesting & trade simulation through our paperTrading platform.

When you are ready, switch to live trading.

Order Book, Level II Market Data, and Depth of Market

Active Trader

ActiveTrader offers the most comprehensive level II quotes, time and sales, order entry, charting, P/L and more, all from one panel. At a glance see a display of all open market participant buy and sell orders and volume on the order book giving you detailed insight on price movement and market trends.

Risk Free Trading


Prodigio paperTrading is free and does provide you with complete and total access to the entire Prodigio suite of trading tools including live real-time data and $100,000 in paper money. Test drive multiple Level II order entry, low latency, back testing, and advanced customizable analytics. Enjoy testing your trading ideas in real-time in market conditions without risking your own money. Gain real experience and build confidence until you're ready to begin trading live.

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Drag & Drop Development

Automated Trading

The Auto Trading panel allows you to enable and disable auto trading strategies that are created in our proprietary Wizard Lab. When auto trading is enabled and a strategy has been deployed, this tool will buy/sell stocks for you based upon the criteria of your strategy. Strategies can be deployed against a pre-defined symbol set (S&P 100) or a customized symbol set.

Advanced Order Management

Practically anything you could imagine exists.

Free paperTrading

If you’re not ready for prime-time, you can practice trading without risk in a free paperTrading account.

Automated Trading

Customize your platform, indicators, signals, and strategies. 

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Simply the best! Exclusive to Prodigio, Wizard Lab offers traders a dream tool favorite that allows you to create with ease almost any simple to complex customized rule or strategy using Wizard Lab’s proprietary object oriented drag and drop Wiz-Tool(s) programming interface. Wizard Lab’s codeless strategy builder allows you to visually create, modify, back test, scan and deploy rules or strategies fully automated or as a real-time scanner in TradeOptics for manual trading. Wizard Lab offers over 200 pre-built technical and pattern based rule templates. No scripting or programming knowledge required.

Looking for GREAT Charts? You’ll enjoy ChartTraderPro offering over 200 customizable indicators. Change chart styles, add alerts, select customizable timeframes and more. Active traders can monitor their positions, initiate and close trades, move their existing orders to new price levels or close them by simply pointing, clicking, and dragging to a new price level on any chart. With robust and reliable real-time and historical data, and a wealth of customizable features, ChartTraderPro is the solution for even the most demanding of traders.

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Visualize the Market

Automated Trading


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